Person who has filled the wrong fuel in their car.

Wrong Fuel Assistance

Have you filled the wrong fuel in your vehicle? Don’t panic, we can help!

Fuel draining or vehicle recovery

In the event of a misfuelling, the situation can be handled in one of two ways. We either empty the tank on the spot while you wait or we transport your car for repairs at a workshop.

Fuel draining on the spot

If possible we will drain the fuel tank while you wait.

Most people realise that they have filled the wrong fuel while they are refuelling. In this situation Viking can normally solve the problem by draining the fuel tank while you wait.

Viking service vehicle draining the fuel tank of a car.

Vehicle recovery

Transport to a garage if fuel draining won't solve the problem.

If you have turned on the car or started driving before you realise that you've filled the wrong fuel the damage might be too extensive to fix on the spot. In this case we'll transport your car to a garage for repairs.

Viking transporting a vehicle that has driven with the wrong fuel.

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