Out of fuel assistance

Accidentally ran out of petrol, diesel or electricity? Stuck on the highway or in a remote area? Viking is always nearby and available to help you 24/7.

1, 2, 3 and done

Running out of fuel can happen to anyone. But don't worry. Just call or order assistance online and we’ll get you moving again in no time.

Order assistance

Call 06000 or order roadside assistance online. We'll evaluate the situation and organise assistance.

Viking to the rescue

We'll get to your location fast, normally within 60 minutes, and fill your fuel tank or tow you to the nearest fast charger.

Continue your journey

After we've filled your tank with fuel we'll check your vehicle to ensure it starts and you can continue driving.

Fuel problems we can help with

No petrol? No diesel? No electricity? No problem. Viking will get you moving again.

Out of petrol

Running out of fuel with a petrol car is not a big problem. It can be frustrating but you can call a friend or family member to come to your rescue if they’re close and you’re stopped in a safe location. However, if you’ve run out of fuel in a remote location or you’re stopped on busy highway call us for professional roadside assistance help.

Out of diesel

If you run out of fuel in a diesel car, the car might not start again even if fuel is added. Bleeding the system may unfortunately be required to get your vehicle moving again. So if you’ve accidentally run the car completely dry contact us for roadside help. In most cases we’ll be able to fix the problem on the spot but in some situations towing to the nearest garage may be required.

Out of power

Running our of charge is a common problem. Especially in cold climates like Norway during the winter. The good news is that this is easily solved. As the Electric Vehicle Association’s official roadside assistance partner, Viking is uniquely equipped and prepared to help when your EV runs out of battery.


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