Engine failure assistance

Car engine won’t start or stopped while driving? Get 24/7 breakdown assistance anywhere, anytime, no matter the cause.

Fast and easy assistance

Vehicle engine failure happens to everyone at some point. But don't worry. Just order breakdown assistance and Viking will come to the rescue.

Order assistance

Call 06000 or order roadside assistance online. We'll evaluate the situation and organise assistance.

Viking to the rescue

We'll get to your location quickly, normally within 60 minutes, and attempt to solve the issue by the roadside.

Continue your journey

Our roadside assistance agents will try to fix the problem on the spot. If this is not possible we'll tow you to a garage for repairs.

Two types of engine failure

When it comes to roadside assistance there are two main types of engine failure. One happens while you are driving. The other when you attempt to start your vehicle.

Engine failure while driving

Your engine failing while driving can be quite stressful. As soon as you notice the vehicle loosing power try to get the car safely out of traffic. Maintain a safe distance from the road while you order assistance and wait for us.

Engine failure when you star the car

An engine struggling or failing to start means something has already happened to the engine. It could be as simple as the battery being flat but it could also mean something more serious is the cause.


Breakdown information

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Help is on the way

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